3 Things to Consider Before Filling Your Phentermine Prescription

by editor on April 24, 2018

before filling your phentermine prescription

When your doctor gives you your Phentermine prescription, it’s only the beginning. You may feel like the decision has been made. After all, your doctor has decided this obesity drug is for you. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to play a role in your own health.

What Your Phentermine Prescription Entails

There are 3 very important things you need to know about what is involved in taking Phentermine. The reason is that while this is a powerful medication, it doesn’t do the work for you. Therefore, you must get to know what is involved in using this drug safely and effectively. Furthermore, you need to know what to do after you stop using it.

The 3 vital things you need to consider before filling your Phentermine prescription are:

1. How to take this medication safely
2. How to use it for effective weight loss
3. What to do once your prescription runs out so you can keep the weight off.

Your Phentermine Prescription: Step 1 – Safety

The first thing to know is that Phentermine isn’t appropriate for everyone. Your doctor won’t just prescribe it to you because you want it. There are certain criteria you must fill in order to make these pills appropriate for you.

The reason is that this is a strong drug that comes with drawbacks. Your doctor needs to make sure the potential benefits will outweigh the risks. Therefore, your Phentermine prescription will likely be the result of certain conditions.

For example, you will need to either be obese or overweight with additional weight-related health risks. Your doctor should also look at your medical history to be sure Phentermine won’t conflict with your medical conditions. Tell your doctor about any medications or supplements you are taking. If you aren’t taking them yet but plan to take them while you’re taking Phentermine, declare those, too.

This will help you to know your Phentermine prescription won’t put your health at risk. There are many Phentermine side effects and drawbacks that can be avoided. It just takes the right precautions.

Your Phentermine Prescription: Step 2 – Effective Use

Once you are prescribed your medication, you need to make sure you know how to use it. Pay attention to what your doctor and pharmacist tell you. They aren’t just telling you to change your diet to inconvenience you. This is a vital step, as is boosting your activity.

The reason is that a prescription obesity drug isn’t a magic pill. Swallowing these pills won’t magically make you slimmer. Instead, your Phentermine prescription is a tool to help you out. You still need to reduce your caloric intake. You’ll still need to exercise. However, Phentermine makes it easier.

The obesity drug functions as an appetite suppressant. Therefore, if you combine your reduced hunger with good food choices, your body could burn more stored fat. This medication is also a stimulant. In this way, it gives you more energy so you can do your workouts more effectively.

Your Phentermine Prescription: Step 3 – Afterward

Your prescription is only as good as your ability to keep up your results once it’s done. If you regain the weight after using this medication, you’ll have lost everything you’ve achieved. Therefore, while it’s important to use this medication properly, you also need to plan ahead.

When your doctor gives you your Phentermine prescription, consider it your opportunity to build the right eating and fitness habits. This is your chance to put your habits into place with the least struggle. It’s a great opportunity.

Don’t just lean on the pills to make it easier to lose weight right now. Consider them the first step of many for weight management over time. That way, once the pounds are gone, it’s the last you’ll see of them.

Remember that Phentermine is a drug you can use for only a few weeks at a time. You simply won’t be able to keep using it. If you fail to think beyond this medication, you’ll be trapped in a yo-yo diet.

Alternatives to Your Phentermine Prescription

Learn about your phentermine prescription Talk to your doctor about your prescription to make sure you understand it. Ask your pharmacist questions about how you should be taking it. That said, even if you do everything right, these pills still come with risks.

Your Phentermine prescription comes with the chance of side effects. These range from mild and temporary to severe and health threatening. Informing yourself and taking these pills exactly as prescribed can help to lower your risk. Still, until you start taking them, there is no way to know for certain how your body will react.

Furthermore, this medication is also addictive. Your body build a tolerance to it over the weeks, making it less effective over time. That said, taking too much of it or taking it for too long can cause you to become addicted. Addiction is associated with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, your doctor may need to help you to wean yourself off your Phentermine prescription. A gradual cessation strategy will help to keep withdrawal symptoms under control.

If this doesn’t sound right for you, an alternative solution may be preferable. Talk to your doctor about the best over the counter diet pills and which are right for you.

Deciding Against Your Phentermine Prescription

Phentermine helps millions of obesity patients every year. That said, if you feel it’s not right for you, take that feeling seriously. Have an informed conversation with your doctor. You might find that there are some other options you can try.

These can include some rather impressive over the counter weight management products. These can give you the assistance you need without the same severe risks. Many dieters prefer to try a milder option first, before resorting to prescription medications. It isn’t uncommon to discover the prescribed medication would have been unnecessary.

Still, even if you choose not to use your Phentermine prescription, you need to do your homework. You must have a complete weight loss strategy to follow. Don’t believe claims that supplements will cause fat to magically melt away. No product has ever been proven to accomplish that goal.

Instead, look for pills with scientifically supported ingredients and that encourage healthy lifestyle adoption. That way, you can know your over the counter Phentermine alternative will be a tool to help you drop the pounds. You can use it to build the habits you should maintain throughout your life.

Losing Weight With or Without Your Phentermine Prescription

Whether you decide to fill your prescription, or you choose a Phentermine alternative, it’s your strategy that will make the difference. If you are familiar with nutrition, you may be able to do this on your own. Otherwise, tools such as a nutrition tracker will be very handy.

You will also benefit from a fitness tracker if you have not been active until now. The reason is that it will help you to understand the difference your exercises are making.

The more you understand the impact of your eating and activity habits, the better equipped you will be to lose weight. Moreover, this will also help you to use your Phentermine prescription to your best advantage.

Equally, if you choose not to fill your Phentermine prescription you will be able to best use the alternative you’ve selected, instead.

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