Ways to Change Up Your Workouts to Help Break Through Plateaus

by editor on November 16, 2017

workout changes break through plateaus

Hitting a plateau is totally normal, whether you are attempting to lose weight and you stop shedding pounds or you are trying to build muscle. Thankfully, though, there are several ways that you can change up your workouts, in addition to taking a fat burning supplement, so that you can break through the plateau and continue progressing. Check out the tips below to do just that.

Play with the Number of Reps

Changing the number of reps that you perform during every set of your workout will not only add new variety to your exercise routine, but it could also keep your body guessing so that you can leave that plateau in the past. So aim to change the number of reps that you do each day. If you are working out three days a week, you could do 12 reps per set the first day, 10 reps the second day, and 8 reps the third day. You could then bring it into the following week with 8 reps on the first day, 10 on the second, and 12 on the third. Experiment and see what starts working for you.

Change Your Workout Schedule

Another good way to overcome a fitness or weight loss plateau might be to change up the number of days that you exercise. So, for example, if you are only working out on three days each week, increase it to four days. Then go up to five or even six days a week, allowing for at least one day of rest.

This will inevitably cause you to have to work on muscle groups multiple days a week. Or if you are currently working on multiple muscle groups, such as arms and shoulders, on the same day, you can split that up so that you further isolate your muscles and work them really hard on a single day. For example, instead of doing shoulders, biceps, and triceps in one day, you could do biceps and triceps on one day and shoulders on another. This gives you the chance to increase the number of reps, add new exercises, and spend more time on those muscles even if you don’t increase the amount of time that you dedicate to your workouts in general.

As you can see, there are several different approaches that you can take in order to change your workouts as you try to overcome a plateau. Just bear in mind that another plateau may happen again, so you will need to switch things up later on in order to keep your body guessing.

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