The Pros and Cons of Water Pills for Weight Loss

by editor on October 21, 2015

Do water pills for weight loss work

There are countless weight loss options available to you in the market in various forms, including a variety of pills. Among them, you may have heard of water pills for weight loss. Water pills function as a diuretic, helping your body reduce water by passing it out through urine. Water pills have benefits as well as some disadvantages that we will analyze below.

Water pills for weight loss are not like typical diet pills because the weight loss is limited to the excretion of excess water from your body. Your body composition includes approximately 70% water, and because water is heavy, reducing excess water from your body will result in you shedding a few pounds. A benefit of using water pills is that you may lose weight quickly. Expect to drop, on average, three to five pounds in the first week you use the diuretics. The weight loss is strictly due to a drop in water in your body.

Water pills for weight loss, however, do not reduce fat from your body. Unfortunately, diuretics are not the best long-term strategy for weight loss or for losing excessive amounts of weight. Water pills do not have any fat burning abilities, so the loss is strictly restricted to just water. As water is extremely important for your body functions, losing a lot of weight via water pills can be a potential health hazard.

Water pills also do not work for long-term weight loss, as they do not have any appetite repressing qualities. This means that you are still going to have your usual appetite and will be consuming the same amount of calories, which is contrary to low-calorie diets that are normally required for significant weight loss.

Taking water pills can have various side effects you should consider before using the diuretics. A common side effect is frequent urination after taking a dose. This is usually judged to be normal as the pill is now working on removing excess water from your body by excreting it through urine. Other side effects include muscle cramps, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and fatigue. More extreme side effects are abnormal heart rhythms and possible liver and kidney damage which need water to operate correctly.

Before taking water pills for weight loss, you should speak to your medical practitioner and discuss if this is a viable and safe option for you. Your doctor will be a great resource as he or she knows your history and medical issues and can give you advice after analyzing your particular situation.

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