Very Low Calorie Diets Make You Lose More Muscle

by editor on December 18, 2017

very low calorie diets muscle loss

You might think that a low calorie diet is the way to go to lose more weight, and that may be true, at least to a point. A very low calorie diet could actually end up doing more harm than good because it might make you lose more muscle than you should. Continue reading to learn more so that you can take the appropriate steps towards a healthy diet and your ideal weight.

Why Muscle Mass Is So Important

When you step on the scale and you start to see the number drop, you might be happy to know that you are indeed losing weight. But what you are losing to reach that number is just as important. Of course, you want to lose unhealthy excess fat, and you don’t want to lose muscle.

Why is muscle so important? Well, it burns calories even when you are resting and you aren’t being active. Even while you are asleep, your muscles are using up calories, so if you don’t have enough muscle mass throughout your body, you could actually end up burning fewer calories overall, and that could lead to weight gain.

Put simply, when you consume a diet that is too low in calories, your muscles won’t have any calories to use in order to maintain themselves. This leads to muscle loss—and a slower metabolism—over time.

How to Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle

There are ways to lose weight without losing crucial muscle mass. All you have to do is learn a few strategies that will help you keep more of that calorie-burning muscle that you need throughout your body.

First, maintain your daily calorie intake at roughly 1,200 calories, but eat more if you need to get even more calories to stay fit. In this way, your body will have plenty of calories to use for energy, and your muscles will be able to maintain themselves too because your body won’t start using your muscles as a source of much-needed energy.

Secondly, avoid diets that require fasting, as they will reduce your calorie intake by too much. The same holds true for liquid diets.

Finally, in addition to diet, don’t neglect exercise as you work on losing weight and getting in shape. But focus on more than just cardio. Resistance training with various weights is a great way to both build and maintain your muscles for optimal calorie burning all day and all night.

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