Stomach Vacuum Exercise Benefits and Safety Information

by editor on September 19, 2017

Stomach Vacuum Exercise Benefits

It is highly likely that you have sucked in your tummy in order to look taller and leaner, but now there is something called the stomach vacuum exercise that is taking that simple movement to a whole new level. To learn more, check out the stomach vacuum exercise benefits and safety information below.

How to Do It

To perform a stomach vacuum, you can lie down on your back and keep your arms at your sides and your legs straight out. Exhale until all of the air has left the lungs and the diaphragm. Then tighten the abdominals and squeeze as though you are attempting to pull those muscles under the ribs. Hold that position for up to 60 seconds.

If you don’t like lying down while doing this exercise, you could also perform it while seated, standing, or on all fours. You could try it out in various positions until you find the one that works best for you.

What Are the Benefits of the Stomach Vacuum Exercise?

When done correctly, the stomach vacuum exercise can be held for anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds. This will serve to activate the transverse abdominis, which are deep in the belly and difficult to reach with other exercises. By activating and strengthening these muscles, you could reduce the amount of back pain that you deal with, and you can also improve your overall stability.

Some Safety Information That You Should Know

One of the main warnings that experts have given to those who are interested in doing the stomach vacuum exercise is that it could potentially increase your blood pressure because you are working on isometrically contracting the muscles. Therefore, if you already have high blood pressure, you should avoid this workout. And if you are pregnant, you should not perform this exercise either.

Also, in order to execute this exercise correctly, you might need to ask for help from a professional, who can guide you and make sure that you are using the proper form to engage the transverse abdominis.

If you are planning on giving the stomach vacuum a try, just be aware that this single exercise is not going to give you the tight abs that you are after. Instead, to get the best results possible, you should perform this exercise as part of a well-rounded core workout routine that will work on all of the muscles throughout your abdominal region.

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