Lunches That Will Keep You Full and Fight Fat Until Dinner

by editor on December 27, 2013

lunches that will keep you full until dinner

There are many ways to feel full at lunch so that you can carry on until dinner. Many times we are tempted to snack so we are sabotaging our diets. The way to eat so we aren’t tempted to snack is to make sure we are eating lunches that will keep you full and fight fat until dinner.

What should you be eating as lunches that will keep you full until dinner?

Eggs are a good combination of protein and fat that will tell your brain you are full quickly. So an egg salad sandwich on whole grain bread may be best to keep those hunger pangs away. Avocado’s are a high fiber and fat {good fat} food. Any food with that combination will make you feel fuller longer because they take longer to digest. Any sort of legumes as in beans are a great way to feel full because they have those same properties as the avocado in the digestive process. cayenne pepper at a half teaspoon to give your lunch a little kick can also aide in feeling full according to research done on people who ate the said amount. How about greek yogurt with almonds and banana with honey? This is a great combination that hits the stomach and keeps the juices flowing until dinner and it is also great for digestive enzymes in the stomach because of the live culture in the yogurt and the enzymes in the honey.

Some lunch combinations:

Egg salad or chicken salad on nine grain bread. This is the best representation of good carbs and lean protein. Salads such as a cobb salad with ham and cheese as well as dried fruits and nuts. This provides protein as well as fiber. Cottage cheese with crackers and fruit is another filling combo and then you can always go for the tried and true oatmeal with raisins, or dried cranberries and nuts.

Other tips for staying full:

Liquid is also a filling element and water is the best way to go. It is something we need to live and to be healthy. Soup is also a great way to eat to stay full. A cream based soup is best. The ones with the most fiber to provide that full feeling is cream of tomato soup.

Lunches don’t have to be hard. When we diet, we tend to make things more difficult than we really need to. Just keep in mind that lunches that will keep you full are simple–good carbs and lean protein.

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