Three Holiday Weight Myths You Currently Believe (But Really Shouldn’t)

by editor on December 13, 2018

Top Three Holiday Weight Myths

The holidays are here again, and all of the delicious foods and drinks of the season are back as well. You know what that means, right? Everyone has to worry about what they eat and how much they exercise in order to avoid holiday weight gain. But, did you know that there are some holiday weight myths that you likely currently believe but shouldn’t? Check out three holiday weight myths below to see what we mean.

1. It’ll Be Easy to Lose Weight Next Month

According to Health, a lot of people think that they can gain weight during the holidays and then lose it rather easily in the new year—hence, all of those weight loss resolutions. But, consider that, even if you gain a single pound of fat, it can be a challenge to get rid of it once it’s in your body. Many studies have even found that a lot of people never really lose that holiday weight gain, so you end up gaining one pound after another, year after year, and that’s when it really starts to add up.

2. You’ll Put on a Lot of Weight During the Holidays

Another one of the most common holiday weight myths surrounds how much weight people typically gain during this time of year. While many people are under the impression that you can gain a full dress size during the holidays, the truth is that researchers have found that, on average, people will gain anywhere from just 1 to 1.5 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Not so bad, right? So, if you think you’re going to put on 10 pounds by eating more during the holidays, you’re probably overestimating.

3. Holiday Eating Is the Culprit

Sure, you might find yourself consuming extra treats and, therefore, more calories during the holiday season, but the truth is that holiday eating isn’t the only culprit when it comes to your weight. Adults gain some weight every year, regardless of what they eat during the holidays, so it’s more important to focus on healthier eating habits throughout the year, not just during the holidays, if you want to maintain the appropriate weight and your overall health. Go ahead and indulge in your favorite holiday foods, as your eating habits for a couple of weeks may not have as big an impact as the other 48 weeks in the year.

Knowing which holiday weight myths, you should disregard from now on can be yet another smart step towards maintaining your health and your weight throughout the holiday season.

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