Healthy Recipes for a Memorial Day Celebration

by editor on May 7, 2015

Healthy Recipes for Memorial Day

A holiday can never be complete without the family sitting together and enjoying a hearty meal. But we tend to overeat and consume excess calories when eating on these joyous occasions. Here, we share with you some healthy recipes for a Memorial Day celebration:

Mouthwatering Cheese Burgers

Prepare your burger patty with grilled chicken breast this time. Add lettuce and tomatoes to spruce it up. Use low-fat cheese inside and serve it with boiled vegetables instead of french fries. The boiled vegetables will fill you up and you will feel less hungry after consuming the chicken burger. But since the burger itself is made with counted calories and healthy ingredients, it will stimulate your weight loss and satisfy your taste buds.

Strawberry Cakes

Strawberries can be a healthy alternative to high sugary candies on this holiday. Mix whole wheat flour with low-fat cheese cream. Whip this batter with low-fat cream and bake it. Top it with freshly prepared strawberry syrup. Make sure to replace sugar with honey in the syrup. Enjoy this healthy recipe and elevate your nutrient intake.

Play Around With Eggs

Try experimenting with eggs. Scrambled eggs with salsa or boiled eggs served with baked or grilled steak are great ideas. Eggs are a great source of calcium and vitamins. Including them in your diet will compensate for the loss of many nutrients caused by skipping the gym and overeating on the holiday. Spice up your eggs with red bell peppers or make a traditional omelet with chopped onions, parsley, red pepper and salt.

Stuffed Turkey Sandwich

Serve delicious burgers with grilled turkey breast, tomato sauce and lettuce leaves in barn bread. You can add shredded cheese if your current weight allows you to splurge. See how this sandwich melts in your mouth, leaving you craving for more.

Country Salads

What can be better than a healthy salad? Make a potato salad by throwing in some juicy green lettuce, boiled carrots, boiled peas, beans, boiled potatoes, a pinch of salt and pepper, and lemon juice. This will not only make your salad look colorful but can be a great sideline for steaks. Shove the boring mashed potatoes to the side as they make you consume tons of calories due to the dollops of cream and butter in them. Choose this yummy healthy recipe of country salad and see how your stomach gets full, keeping hunger pangs at bay and elevating your energy levels.

So, these are some healthy recipes for your Memorial Day celebrations. Stick to these healthy recipes and you can rest assured you won’t feel bloated even after a hearty meal.

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