Chest Pain During Exercise: Is it Your Heart, Or Something Else?

by editor on July 29, 2016

causes of chest pain during exercise

When you start to experience chest pain during exercise, it can be a scary time. After all, the first thing that is likely to pop into your head is: heart attack! Not the most comforting feeling! That said, while that isn’t impossible, the odds are actually slim that you’re having a heart attack just because you have this discomfort.

To start, it should be noted that people who are young and athletic actually experience chest pain during exercise more than sedentary people. Oddly, it is a far more common symptom in people who are fit than people who are not. Still, it’s important to make sure you identify the source of the issue because even people who are healthy are not immune to heart troubles.

If you experience chest pain during exercise and you don’t know why it’s happening, the best thing to do is stop and seek medical evaluation. Once heart problems have been ruled out, then you’ll likely be asked a number of other questions. This process will help to determine which among the many other factors may be behind your pains.

Among the most common reasons pains can occur in the chest are:

Inflammation and trauma – exercising is great for you, but it can put your body through a lot at the same time. It’s possible to experience injuries in your chest from being struck in some way or from repeating movements relating to the cartilage in the chest area. Bruising around the ribs or inflammation of the cartilage around the sternum (breastbone) can be very painful.

Raised breathing, blood pressure and heart rate – any of these things can cause chest pains to happen. Ask anyone with an anxiety or panic disorder and they will tell you that those physical symptoms can lead to pain. Moreover, as those mental health issues are common, they may actually be contributing to your own chest pains while you exercise.

Gastrointestinal issues – many issues that feel like they’re coming from your chest are actually occurring farther down in your body. Several digestive problems ranging from gas to acid reflux can feel like they’re coming from the very center of your chest – or even higher – when they’re actually occurring in your stomach or the surrounding area.

To get more out of your workouts, don’t forget to take a pill like FenFast 375, but if you’re getting chest pains for any reason, make an appointment with your doctor.

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