Why Cheat Meals Are Okay and Why Cheat Days Aren’t

by editor on April 13, 2017

cheat meals are okay for weight loss

Taking a day off your diet can be detrimental to your results, but did you know that cheat meals are okay on occasion? There is a big difference between overdoing it at one sitting and giving up on your efforts for an entire day.

The reason that cheat meals are okay are the same ones that taking an entire cheat day can be very problematic. There is, after all, nothing wrong with treating yourself now and then, but throwing one seventh of your effort out the window each week can stop you from seeing the type of progress you’ve been working very hard to earn.

Cheat meals are okay because they allow you to adhere to a nutrient rich diet every day of the week, without giving up the occasional treat or favorite recipe.

On the other hand, here are some of the reasons that trying to take an entire cheat day can provide you with the opposite effect:

· One day off will harm multiple days’ of effort – Having a cheat meal means that in the typical diet, you’ll eat too many calories in 1 out of a total of 21 meals each week. That gives you a lot of wiggle room to add extra fats, carbs and empty calories if you want, without throwing off the rest of the week because you’ll still have done very well for 20 other breakfasts, lunches and dinners. On the other hand, a whole day throws off 1 out of 7 days of your week. Depending on how far you go, you could negated your efforts for 2 or even 3 days out of that time.

· You may risk overdoing it during your dieting days – Knowing that you have a cheat day could mean that you’ll try extra hard to eat right and exercise during the rest of the week. That said, many people try to “buy” themselves even more room to eat whatever they want while sitting perfectly still on the couch all day. In doing so, they over-exercise and/or eat too few calories. This slows down the metabolism, risks injury and wreaks havoc on proper muscle recovery.

· It builds an unhealthy relationship with food – The entire purpose of a diet isn’t just to lose weight. Weight loss is a pleasant side effect. Instead, your goal should be to establish a new lifestyle that allows you to achieve a healthy body weight and stay there, without actually “dieting.” This is a transition period in which you are building new habits. As a result, you shouldn’t be labeling foods as “good” and “bad” as much as you should be knowing what you should eat, how much and when, in order to be healthy.

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