Cardio Exercises That Burn The Most Fat

by editor on December 10, 2013

burn the most fat with cardio

We have to face facts that diets and diet pills are not the only solution to weight loss. We have to actually “burn” calories. This happens via what we do and not just what we take. Sure, there are plenty of diet pills on the market that will claim you can just sit there and burn fat. But most of the time they require you to get up and get moving too. If you aren’t going to help the situation by doing some cardio exercises that burn the most fat, you will have to take a dangerous amount of chemical helpers to do it and still not reach a permanent and safe result.

So we have to buckle down and get that heart pumping. Do you have to join a gym? No, you can do these exercises in the privacy of your own home. You can do the exercises that are popular and you will recognize results with the tips here. All you need is 20 minutes a day if you do it no less than three days a week. You may find that you enjoy most of these as a hobby and will pursue them much more than the minimum time of 20 minutes a day.

Cardio exercises that burn the most fat:

Here you will learn the most tried and true cardio exercises that burn the most fat.

Cycling: This is the most tried and true way to burn the most fat and though you can perform the exercise on a stationary bike you should try, when the weather is good–to do this outside on different terrain. You will breathe in fresher air and burn more calories this way. The time will blow by and this works because all the larger muscles are being used that need the most calories to function.

Walking: The cheapest way to go is using your own two legs and getting the heart rate raised by just walking fast. The “power walk” has been deemed unhealthy for the bones and hips so we recommend your natural gait. Raise the heart rate until it is uncomfortable to hold a conversation.

Hiking: This is also a great addition or upgrade to walking because it can be an uphill endeavor and different terrain. If you love nature, then plan a 3 mile hike a day or two a week if it is accessible.The resistance it gives the large muscles, will make the pounds shed quicker.

Swimming: This is is really one of the number one ways to burn fat. This activity that can be done for 20 minutes will use every muscle you have and call for far more calorie usage than any other sport–apart from the next one.

Skiing: Cross country skiing when the weather is prime is a great way to burn off those extra pounds. Not everyone has this environment but there are machines that will replicate it. For those who have that environment–you can do this in the time of year that we gain the most weight–the winter! We are more apt to eat more calories at this time than any other time so why not have a sport to thwart it before it starts.

Running or jogging: These can be done to suite anyone’s fitness level. You can do these as a fast walk right on up to marathon level.

Elliptical: The elliptical is a great way to burn calories, it can be a bit boring though so having something to watch or listen to would be a suggestion.

Any exercise, including resistance training with weights will be enough in cardio exercises to burn the most fat. Remember, it is using the muscles that does this and not just the lungs.

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