The Best and Worst Condiments for Healthy Weight Management

by editor on October 10, 2016

best and worst condiments

Dieting can make you feel as though all your favorite foods have become boring. After all, one of the first things many dieters do is to reduce the number of toppings, sauces and other added ingredients they’re using. It helps to keep your calories under control an also frequently reduces your sugar, salt and fat intake. But what about flavor? Healthful dieting isn’t about cutting everything out. It’s about knowing the best and worst condiments and sauces so you can continue to enjoy your food while losing weight.

Ketchup – among the most popular of all condiments, it is also exceptionally high in sugar and sodium. Depending on how much you use, it can also bring on a high dose of calories, too. Consider either making your own, or swapping it out for a little homemade salsa, instead. You’ll add more flavor without all the sugar and the calories will be nutrient dense. If you must choose a pre-made ketchup, look for an organic option. They contain more lycopene, which is an incredible cancer fighter.

Yellow mustard – this is a condiment that can actually be good for you if you choose the right one. That said, each option on the shelf is very different. In this case, ignore the calorie content and pay attention to the sodium to choose the best and worst condiments option. Mustard is very low in calories but high in sodium which can promote bloating and is hard on your cardiovascular system, among other systems. Look for an option that contains real mustard seed and possibly turmeric, too. These ingredients boost the metabolism, work as anti-inflammatory agents and taste far better than artificially flavored products.

Mayonnaise – virtually every kind of mayonnaise is hard on your waistline. Even the low-cal and low-fat varieties have added ingredients that aren’t healthful or that make it harder to keep up a proper weight management strategy. Don’t be fooled by labels that say they’re made with olive oil. The process of making the mayo breaks down the “good fats” in the oil, making them nearly as unhealthful as the oils in the typical recipes. Instead, mash up part of an avocado. It tastes incredible, has a creamy texture and is very nutrient dense.

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