Healthful Bento Box Lunch Ideas that Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

by editor on August 30, 2016

healthy bento box lunch ideas

Kids aren’t the only ones who should be enthusiastic about lunchtime. If you use the right bento box lunch ideas you can put the excitement back into your mid-day meal. These storage containers can be the perfect way to ensure you’ve selected the ideal portions, kept your food fresh and ensured an overall appealing dining experience.

Bento box lunch ideas are base on the sectioned containers that were first created in 16th century Japan. In more recent years, they’ve become very popular at Japanese cuisine and sushi restaurants, as well as for children’s lunch boxes. But why should kids have all the fun?

Adults can fall in love with bento box lunch ideas, too. In fact, using these containers can make it much easier to design properly portioned and healthful meals that are ready to grab and go.

The key to the best lunchtime ideas packed in bento boxes is in making sure you have a perfect balance. Each meal needs to contain a protein, a vegetable, a whole grain and possibly even something sweet.

You can choose foods that are each eaten separately because the design of the bento box stops them from mixing. Or, you can prepare a “deconstructed” version of a completed dish and compose every forkful from a different combination. For instance, if you were to create a chicken Caesar salad, you could place the grilled chicken, lettuce and whole grain croutons each in their own containers. Pour the dressing onto each section before you eat and then eat different combinations of the three containers with each bite.

These containers also make it very easy to create platters of different foods that will all taste great in the same dipping sauce. When it comes to eating healthfully, they can’t be beaten because they provide you with automatic portion control. They also encourage variety because you are less likely to fill all the containers with the same food. You’re far more likely to opt for an appropriate serving of several nutritious options.

Just make sure to choose a bento box that will fit easily into your lunch bag, backpack, handbag or briefcase and don’t forget to include an ice pack to keep the meal cold unless you have packed something that won’t spoil after being stored at room temperature for several hours. Fortunately, many of these storage containers are designed with matching ice packs or at least to be stored alongside one you already have.

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