Things to Consider When Working Out in the Summer Heat

by editor on March 19, 2014

working out in the summer heat

There are certain considerations to keep in mind when you are working out in summer heat. Living in a hot climate all year round is not the same as contending with summer temperatures in a place that has four seasons. When you live in a tropical or subtropical climate, you have to be aware of the heat every day. Thus, you will be more accustomed to the heat and will know how to live and exercise safely in such conditions.

In any case, many people take hydration for granted when working out. People dehydrate fairly easily because the sensation of thirst diminishes in adults as they age. This development is natural but potentially dangerous. Once your lips become dry, it’s already too late; you are dehydrated and will have to replenish. You may already feel tired and fatigued.

A related danger is heat stroke, which also comes like a thief. This condition results in dizziness, nausea and disorientation, then in a stroke. The results can be devastating and even deadly.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent such complications even if you live in a climate that offers no respite from the weather.

First, ensure that you are working out at the right time of day. If you are working out in the summer heat, you may be running and exercising in a park or in the neighborhood. If so, then make certain that it’s not high noon, when the sun is overhead. The best times to beat the heat are the early morning and the evening as the sun goes down.

The next consideration is hydration, so take a water bottle with you and make sure it wasn’t frozen. People love to freeze water bottles because they prefer cold water, but your body will metabolize fat better if it isn’t too cold.

Furthermore, ensure that you are doing your workouts with low intensity and frequent breaks. The more breaks for shade and water, the better. When you are working out in the summer heat, you are bound to get frustrated and irritated; so it may help to bring an exercise buddy along. Having a workout partner will help you stay motivated instead of focusing on the heat.

If you live in a climate that experiences four seasons, then you should take the heat slowly and deliberately. In this case, we suggest all of the aforementioned tips because you are most likely to suffer the ill effects of working out in the summer heat. For certain, take a buddy; and make sure you are hydrating enough. If you’ve only just escaped from cooler weather, then start your workout at no more than 20 minutes a day to develop your endurance.

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