Why Do You Feel Hungry Even When You Shouldn’t?

by editor on June 14, 2015

why do you feel hungry all the time

You’re trying to lose weight and you know that you’re doing everything right, and yet you still feel hungry. You’re certain that you’re following the latest diet exactly the way it’s laid out, but you feel like you’re just not getting enough to eat. You can’t shake that feeling of hunger and it’s frustrating—and it is often at this point that you give in and end up eating whatever you can and work against yourself! You may wonder why do you feel hungry when by all accounts you really shouldn’t. Why is it that this diet is set up to help you succeed, and yet you can’t get past the fact that you feel hungry all the time?

The first thing to remember is that a lot of conventional diet plans aren’t set up to help you succeed. Though you may have the very best of intentions, these plans are there only to help you in the short term to lose a few pounds. Not only that but if they use deprivation in any form, then you will always feel hungry, bitter, and ultimately end up eating whatever you can find. It is truly important to eat healthy and natural ingredients in the right amount, and that means aiming for smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. You may have to relearn everything you once knew about eating right, but it will be worth it in the end.

You do want to reflect and ask yourself why do you feel hungry when you feel that you shouldn’t. There may be some medical issues going on, but more than likely it’s a simple matter of switching things up and making your diet work for you rather than against you.

You may actually be thirsty: The reality is that oftentimes when you feel hungry you may actually be confusing this with something else completely. You may actually be thirsty or slightly dehydrated, and it is therefore easy to confuse this with hunger. You need to be sure that you are staying properly hydrated throughout the day for this is what will help to keep you going. If you get too thirsty it may feel like hunger, and you may be eating for no reason at all. Be certain that you understand the difference and that you keep yourself hydrated at all times.

You may not be eating enough throughout the day: Believe it or not you may not be eating enough food. Even when you feel like you are eating healthy, if you are cutting back your calories drastically or cutting out food groups then you are setting yourself up for failure. When you stop to think about why do you feel hungry, it’s often a matter of eating in a much more effective way. You should be combining food groups and planning out your meals ahead of time. You do need snacks to keep you going strong and giving you fuel. If you find that you feel hungry then you may want to look at the way that you are eating and aim to eat more healthy foods throughout the course of your day.

You may be waiting too long in between meals: It’s a common issue because you have been conditioned to believe that you have to eat three square meals a day—but this can actually be working against you. If you are waiting more than 3-4 hours between meal times then you are letting yourself get far too hungry. You need to aim to eat smaller meals and be sure that you space them out so that you get this necessary fuel. You need to keep your blood sugar levels up and ensure that you fuel your metabolism so that it works efficiently. Though your instinct may be to eat less, try not to wait too long in between meals.

You may not be eating the right foods that help to fill you up: If you’re not eating enough fiber then it’s truly no wonder you feel hungry all the time. If you wonder why do you feel hungry all the time, then you are not getting enough substantial foods to help fill you up. You want to focus on a lot of fruits and vegetables, good fats, lean proteins, and whole grains for a truly robust and comprehensive diet. If you are skipping out on a food group or you’re not featuring these foods that are full of fiber and key nutrients, then you may contribute to the hunger problem moving forward. Eat the right foods, balance them out by combining food groups, and you won’t feel that hunger as often.

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