Do Weight Loss Shortcuts Really Work?

by editor on March 6, 2015

Do Weight Loss Shortcuts Work?

It’s so tempting to try the many fads and trends out there that promise to help you lose weight. There are so many diets, pills, products, and solutions that it can make your head spin, and yet you hear the success stories every day. Though you may feel unsure of how to get a handle on your weight loss, some of these quick fixes can help, even if in a limited capacity. If you consider the many weight loss shortcuts available, you have to evaluate them one step at a time and consider how they may help you.

You may have an inclination to say no to the shortcuts based on a bad history with them. Sure, not all shortcuts or products out there work the same, but there may be some merit to a few. If you can think of what benefit they may offer, or how you can utilize them even for a short period of time, then you may gain an advantage using them. Be careful in picking the one that is right for you, but analyzing them and looking at some of the following criteria can help.

Though there are many weight loss shortcuts out there, here are some questions to ask yourself to decide what’s right for you. They may not all work the same, but if you can gain an initial advantage to kick off the weight loss then you’re well on your way to long-term success. Yes, the right shortcut really can work for you!

Can it help give you a nice jumpstart to your weight loss efforts? Some diet pills, for example, are only meant to help you for a short period of time. You use them, you lose some weight, and then you get back to a healthy lifestyle. If the shortcut will allow you to benefit from it for a short period of time, and then you can keep the momentum going using your own healthy lifestyle, then it may be worth your while. It does take discipline to do so, but the shortcut that isn’t intended to be used forever can really help you in the long run.

Can you use it and then turn to healthy habits with ease? To lose the weight and keep it off it’s going to take exercise, eating right, and a healthy foundation. Can you easily come off of the shortcut and get back to this basic but successful regimen? If you don’t have to lose the ground that you’ve gained then it may be worth a try, since you have nothing to lose but a few pounds.

Is it a healthy principle or in line with a good lifestyle? Admittedly there are some weight loss shortcuts that are just bad for you and based on nothing healthy whatsoever—these are the type to avoid at all costs! If you are told to eat nothing but cabbage soup or told that drinking just this one shake all day will help you lose weight, then it’s not the right shortcut for you. If it’s a pill made from healthy and natural ingredients, or an eating plan that helps you boost your metabolism though, then it may be worth a try. If it is based off of something that is inherently healthy or that will help you improve your long-term success, then you can try it and use it as an offshoot for a healthy lifestyle.

Will it hurt you or cause you to gain the weight back in the long run? This is an important question to ask yourself when it comes to weight loss shortcuts. Though it may sound great on the surface, if it’s only going to help you lose a few pounds in the short term, it’s not a good idea. Many of these shortcuts or fads help you to lose a few pounds, but then as soon as you come off of it you gain all the weight back, and then some. If you can easily adapt to everyday healthy living afterwards, then fine. If however you have to start from scratch after you stop with the shortcut, then it’s not working for you but against you. Know how to spot a keeper and a harmful shortcut—the difference could help you with long-term weight loss in a very big way!

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