How to Recognize and Avoid Weight Loss Scams

by editor on July 31, 2015

avoiding weight loss scams

“Now, I am going to lose weight finally, no more ifs, ands, or buts.” This is what happens every time the year begins and soon comes a time when you see yourself at the same weight level or maybe in an even worse condition. It’s easier to get desperate about a quick solution, especially when you see so many products on the billboards, TV, newspapers, and even on the shelves at the superstores. It’s hard to resist the temptation to try one of those products that claims to give you a model-like figure.

Today, you can find all sorts of weight loss supplements, diet pills, patches and belts, creams, and whatnot. There are so many products that are promoted as if they are a miracle from God because their claims challenge logic. Weight loss is no magic. You need to understand fundamental biology. If you can learn how your body works, you can equip it with lean muscles and cut down the fat percentage. It’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, people who don’t want to make any effort rely on these products but not only do they fail to live up to their promise but they can cause potential harm to your health.

Most of the ads you see around are false and misleading. This means every other product is just one of the many weight loss scams. But how will you recognize if the product is a weight loss scam or genuine. Following are a few tips to help you identify fake products.

Lose Weight Effortlessly
If a product encourages you to sit back and relax, you can be sure it is one of the many weight loss scams because effective weight loss requires you to modify your diet and increase the level of physical activity in your routine. You can’t achieve weight loss if you don’t want to work out or eat healthy meals. Nothing good comes free so stop looking for cheap and ineffective solutions or else you might end up risking your health. You can’t lose weight if you keep on eating large portions of your favorite meals. This marketing gimmick defies science.

Lose Weight Permanently
If you find a product that markets itself as a permanent solution, it is a scam. Other than bariatric surgery, there is no permanent solution and even that requires some effort on your part. Even after you have reached your target, you have to constantly work out and stick to a healthy diet to maintain your ideal weight. Otherwise, you will gain weight.

Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days
The easiest way to detect weight loss scams is to see how quickly it promises results. We all are desperate and want a quick solution, but your body is not a machine. Even workouts and diets take time to produce results. Quick fixes are disasters and can pose fatal health hazards.

So, if you want to avoid weight loss scams, you should avoid looking for quick fixes and effortless ways to lose weight. Invest time and effort and results will come eventually.

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