Why Skipping Meals Will Inhibit Your Weight Loss

by editor on May 21, 2014

skipping meals to lose weight

Like most people, you probably assume that skipping meals will help to give you an edge in losing weight. Chances are that this has backfired on you at some point, though, as you struggled to lose weight even in spite of eating next to nothing. If you are one of those people who has followed the popular trend of skipping out on meals, then you know firsthand how bad this can be. Not only does it end up in pure hunger and frustration but it can also lend itself to a frustrating cycle of ineffective dieting. So what is to blame, and why don’t you lose weight when you miss meals?

By skipping meals, you are depriving yourself on many levels. You probably think that this is good way to cut back on calories, but it’s ultimately sending the wrong message to your body. When you skip out on eating, your body automatically thinks that you are going into starvation mode. As a result of this, your brain tells the body to prepare and protect you from starving to death. The end result is that the body holds onto every ounce of food that you do eat—and then stores it as fat. If you have tried to skip meals and ended up gaining weight, as commonly happens, then you know that forgoing food can lead to even more frustration.

Starving Now, Overeating Later

Another reason why skipping meals is a bad idea is that you will end up eating whatever is put in front of you later on. You may think that you get a nice edge up on weight loss by not eating, but in the end you will find that you eat anything and everything out of a nagging hunger. Rather than eating healthy meals and feeling satisfied, you instead feel hungry, bitter, and frustrated. You therefore eat whatever you find, which is often not a healthy option. By skipping out on eating, you diminish your willpower and hurt yourself in the long run—never a good choice!

When you make a habit of skipping meals, you are going to hurt yourself in so many ways. You need fuel to keep you going and to help you power through workouts. You hurt your body and your overall health when you don’t have that energy that you need. It’s essential that you eat all of the right things in the right amounts to give your body all that it needs to be your best. Forget about depriving yourself in this way and instead learn what it truly takes to keep you going. This healthier attitude is a surefire way to more effective methods for keeping yourself in optimal shape. The right foods, eaten throughout the day, can help you to stay healthy for the long term!

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