How to Reduce Bloating and Look Slimmer Naturally

by editor on September 5, 2015

Reduce Bloating and Look Slimmer

You have to attend a party and here are struggling to zip up your pants because of the bloating belly that is making you feel helpless. Don’t feel that way anymore, as experts believe there is an answer to your question: how to reduce bloating. More often than not, the reason behind a bloated stomach is intestinal gas, which can be prevented easily. From constipation to food intolerance, the other reasons can differ but this article will help you answer how to reduce bloating.

Avoiding Constipation
Lack of proper hydration can cause constipation, which eventually leads to bloating. One effective solution to this is to increase your intake of foods that are rich in fiber. Fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds are all rich in fiber. Additionally, drink as much water as possible throughout the day. Water aids considerably in the digestion of foods.

Pay Attention to Wheat Allergies/Lactose Intolerance
Allergies and intolerances toward certain foods can become a reason for belly bloating. What you need to do in order to avoid bloating is to consult your doctor and determine these allergies/intolerances so you can avoid them to save yourself the discomfort. The idea of self-diagnosing these allergies results in people completely eliminating healthy, and dairy products from their diets, whereas, ideally you should consume them with other foods.

Eating Too Fast
Not chewing food properly is one of the major reasons why people face trouble with digesting their food. So, enjoy your food. Take medium-sized food morsels and chew them like you would when you are eating your favorite food. Enjoy while you eat and you might never have to deal with bloated belly again. Not just this but if you eat slowly, you are likely to feel satisfied if you eat your food quickly so you will end up eating less than you would ideally.

Carbonated Drinks Aren’t Your Friends
The fizzy carbonated drinks that look and taste so enticing are major reasons for belly bloat because the fizz trapped in these drinks takes time to find its way out and in the meanwhile, you stay discomforted with a bloated belly. You can alternate your carbonated drinks with lime juice or water mixed with lemon or any other drink that does not contain any fizz. In case of a bloated belly, you can try peppermint tea which helps you get rid of gas.

So, the next time you would wonder how to reduce bloating , you now know what to do.

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