Phentremine Tablets Reviews

by editor on November 22, 2012

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Though the manufacturers of Phentremine X tablets may be implying that there is some connection between this diet supplement and the prescription weight loss drug called Phentermine, these two pills have nothing more in common than a similarity in the spelling in their names. It is, however, a common technique among over the counter diet aid manufacturers to create this type of confusing name in order to attempt to trick people into purchasing their product by mistake, thinking that they have purchased a medication when they have merely bought an herbal supplement.

Phentremine tablets are one of the hundreds of different non-prescription products that are available and that contain a blend of stimulants to promote fat burning. These stimulants include caffeine, theobromine and synephrine. These are all ingredients that are commonly found in over the counter weight loss products that are sold online and in stores.

At the time of this review, Phentremine tablets were being sold by online merchants for around $48.95. This is more expensive than many of the other products with similar ingredients and that make comparable promises. The manufacturers of this product say specifically that it will help dieters to lose weight more easily. At the same time, they cite no scientific or clinical studies to support those claims.

Among the advantages of Phentremine tablets is that it can be easily purchased online and that its manufacturer does offer a complete list of the ingredients in its formula so that it can be properly considered and compared to its competition. However, as with all proprietary blends, it is impossible to know if there is enough of these ingredients to have an impact on weight loss.

The disadvantages of Phentremine tablets, on the other hand, are that they are more expensive than the competition, its manufacturer has not presented any proof to back up the promises that it has made, and medical experts are increasingly saying that synephrine may be connected with negative and potentially life threatening side effects such as high blood pressure.

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