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by editor on November 21, 2012

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Phenterpril is a nonprescription diet aid that comes in capsule form and can be easily purchased online. Its manufacturers claim that it is completely safe and affordable. They promise that it functions as an appetite suppressant that could be considered an alternative to Phentermine, a popular prescription pill.

There is an official website for Phenterpril, which describes it as being the most powerful formula for weight reduction that is currently available – a claim made by hundreds of other similar products. The site provides a few before and after photos and the success stories of some of its users in order to help show dieters the results that they could achieve. Among the benefits the manufacturer states that the user will experience are an energy boost, an improved mood, and better fat burning.

A thirty-day supply of Phenterpril (sixty capsules) is extremely expensive at its full price of $99.99, though it was found on sale at the time of this review for a much reduced $59.99. Though this is still quite expensive when compared to its competition with similar ingredients, it is certainly much less than the suggested retail price.

Among the primary ingredients of Phenterpril are caffeine anhydrous, synephrine HCL, and phenylethylamine. Caffeine anhydrous is essentially a fancy name for the common stimulant called caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea, some soft drinks, and chocolate, among other things. There have been some studies that have suggested that this ingredient can provide a short-term boost of energy and increase the metabolism for better fat burning during that period. Synephrine HCL is said to help the body increase its thermogenesis, which is a process that speeds up the body’s functions so that more heat is produced in the chemical reactions, burning more energy from stored fat and calories.

Unlike the above mentioned stimulants, phenylethylamine (PEA) is known for its ability to improve mood. PEA is a chemical found within cocoa and is thought to give chocolate it’s
“love drug” effects. PEA may also act to decrease appetite, however this ingredient is rapidly broken down in the digestive system and much of it does not even make it to the brain to have any effect when taken in amounts commonly found in diet pills.

Among the advantages of using Phenterpril are that it may help to suppress the appetite so that the dieter is inclined to eat less. Some users have reported experiencing an improved mood while taking this product.

The drawbacks of Phenterpril include its astronomical price for a one month supply and that there are no eating or exercise plans suggested along with its use. There are a number of websites online that provide warnings about the disadvantages of using this product.

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