Be Careful if a Phentermine Alternative Includes any of These Dangerous Ingredients

by editor on March 12, 2018

Phentermine Alternative Dangerous Ingredients

If you have been thinking about using a diet pill but you are not a big fan of using a prescription like Phentermine, you may have started doing a bit of research into the Phentermine alternatives that are available. But it is important to read through ingredients lists whenever you are thinking about taking any new product as a supplement, even if your goal is to shed excess weight. So keep reading to learn a bit about some of the dangerous ingredients that you should avoid when shopping for the right Phentermine alternative for your needs.

Bitter Orange

If you are looking at a diet pill that contains bitter orange, it is best to avoid it. That is because bitter orange has a chemical that is referred to as synephrine. This chemical is similar to dangerous ephedra. Side effects could include headache, insomnia, vomiting, increased heart rate and/or blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and fainting.

Ma Huang

Always read labels to look for ingredients like ma huang. Also avoid any products that list the following as part of their formulation: ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and ephedra. Basically, ma huang is a type of ephedra and it often contains pseudoephedrine and ephedrine, which could adversely affect your nervous system. Symptoms include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and irregular heart rhythm, but it could also potentially lead to death.


Many Phentermine alternatives contain stimulants, but you should avoid products that contain the stimulant known as fenproporex. The body converts this ingredient into amphetamine, which could be addictive and lead to symptoms like heart arrhythmia or sudden death.


Another ingredient to avoid when searching for the right over-the-counter diet pill is phenolphthalein. Although this ingredient was used in laxative products in the past, the FDA deemed it unsafe in 1999. Since then, however, it has been found in some diet pills as a hidden ingredient.

Used as a potent stimulant ingredient, sibutramine should also be avoided because it could increase your risk of arrhythmia, heart attack, and stroke. Plus, it could also cause other unwanted side effects.

For more information on which Phentermine alternatives are best, take a look at the top weight loss pills and supplements reviews. Always keep in mind that your doctor could help you figure out which Phentermine alternative would be best for your body. So if you are ever in doubt about what product to take, don’t hesitate to consult with a medical professional who could steer you in the right direction.

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