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by editor on July 14, 2019

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PhenObestin is a type of over the counter product that is manufactured by PharmaCoLabs and is marketed as a weight loss supplement. Among the claims made in its marketing materials are that it provides a fat burning alternative to Phentermine, a prescription strength dieting drug.

What are the differences between Phentermine and PhenObestin? What can PhenObestin help with while you are on your weight loss journey? To get the answer to all of these questions, you can read through PhenObestin reviews, as well as the information below.

Differences Between PhenObestin and Phentermine

The most obvious difference between Phentermine and PhenObestin is the fact that Phentermine is available only by prescription, while PhenObestin is a diet pill that you can buy over the counter.

Also, the prescription drug is meant only for use in the short term for people who are obese and must lose weight due to medical risks that are being increased by their additional weight. It acts as an amphetamine in order to suppress the appetite.

PhenObestin, on the other hand, is an over the counter product that is designed to allow anyone to more easily reach their weight loss goals, but without the side effects or short term nature of its prescription alternative.

PhenObestin Reviews: The Ingredients

The primary ingredients in the PhenObestin complex are:

  • Phenylethylamine HCL
  • Methylsynephrine HCL
  • N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine HCL

It also contains additional chemical ingredients, as well as an herbal extract and an additional stimulant.

  • Phenylethylamine HCL is a chemical that is included in the formula for its impact on the brain, boosting the dopamine levels that occur there. When dopamine is present at higher levels, it can encourage a better overall feeling and can decrease the appetite.
  • Methylsynephrine HCL is a type of alkaloid of phenylethylamine, which can help to cross a barrier in the brain in order to improve neurological communications.
  • N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine HCL functions by boosting the effect of the first ingredient so that the sensation of overall wellbeing and the appetite suppression is more powerful.
  • The rest of the formula is designed to increase energy levels, burn fat, flush additional fluids from the body’s tissues, improve circulation, and make it easier to breathe.

PhenObestin Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Among the advantages of PhenObestin are that it can be obtained easily without the need of a doctor’s prescription. It is also possible to obtain a better price when ordering from the manufacturer because it offers a discount when purchases are made in volume.

The disadvantages of using PhenObestin are that it does not offer a refund if the product package has already been opened. Therefore, if you open the package and decide that it doesn’t work, simply by trying the product, you have negated the ability to return it for a refund.

Some of the ingredients in this product are known to cause some negative side effects among some users. There are no free trials available for this product. Moreover, the price of the supplement ranges from $64 to $100 for a one month supply (depending on the quantity purchased) which is quite expensive when compared to many other weight loss supplements.

What Else Should You Know from PhenObestin Reviews? 

Thankfully, there are a lot of PhenObestin reviews out there that you can check out to learn more about this product, and to decide if it is truly right for you and your unique weight loss needs. When looking at some of the PhenObestin reviews, it becomes clear that this diet pill, like all diet pills, is not for everyone. You really need to analyze its features to figure out if it will fit your needs better than other diet pills that are on the market today.

According to Diet Spotlight, although there is some research that supports the effectiveness of the ingredients in PhenObestin, this is one of the more expensive diet products on the market. Some consumers are more willing to spend their money elsewhere, such as on healthier foods that will nourish the body and support weight loss naturally, or perhaps even a gym membership. So, if you are thinking about getting PhenObestin, don’t be surprised by its price, and be prepared to check if its price suits your budget.

Talk to Your Doctor After Reading PhenObestin Reviews 

If, after checking out some PhenObestin reviews, you still aren’t sure about whether or not this product is right for you, consider consulting with your doctor. After all, he or she knows your weight loss needs best, and can point you in the right direction towards the prescription diet pill or over-the-counter product that is most appropriate for you.

Also, rest assured that there are many other weight management supplements that you can purchase over the counter if you do not qualify for a prescription diet pill or if PhenObestin isn’t right for you, and those other products might come at a lower price, while still providing you with the benefits that you would expect from a high-quality diet pill.

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