Being Overweight or Obese Can Increase Risk of 10 Common Cancers

by editor on August 27, 2014

overweight or obese and cancer risk

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to try to combat being overweight or obese, now we find that it can contribute to certain types of cancer. This is a harsh but important realization, especially for those who may have family history of cancer. The reality is that there is nothing healthy about being overweight or obese, so this is simply another reason to get your weight to a healthy and manageable level. Being in control of your weight and your health will reduce your chances of developing any of these types of cancer in the future.

1. Uterine: This is the first and perhaps most notable type of cancer to consider for women. The womb, or uterus, is composed of a lot of fatty tissue, and even being overweight a bit can increase the likelihood of cancer developing in this region of the body.

2. Kidney: It may be that being overweight or obese puts too much pressure on the kidneys. When the kidneys are damaged in this way, it can cause all sorts of related health problems.

3. Gallbladder: This is a very widespread and painful type of cancer. Though removing the gallbladder is quite common, the cancer can be challenging to live with.

4. Liver: This may be another instance in which being overweight or obese puts too much stress on the body. When the liver breaks down or becomes infected, it interferes with many different functions and processes in the body.

5. Breast: This is becoming far too common a type of cancer. The proliferation has much to do with an overweight population as well as the exposure to environmental toxins. Ultimately, breast cancer is a very common and very scary type of cancer.

6. Ovarian: This is another type of cancer that can affect women who tend to be overweight. It may not be easily detected without regular pap smears or examinations, and it can also be more easily avoided if weight is kept within a healthy range.

7. Colon: The colon is an important part of digestion, so it suffers if you maintain poor diet or overall health. Though it can be treated, it’s often hard to diagnose without regular colonoscopies.

8. Prostate: Perhaps the most common type of cancer in men, this is even more likely in men who are overweight. By simply controlling and managing your weight, you can avoid prostate cancer altogether.

9. Stomach: Since the stomach is so directly involved in digestion, the presence of obesity can really eat away at the health of this organ. It only makes sense that cancer can develop here and become a serious problem.

10. Thyroid: When it comes to being overweight or obese, the thyroid is one of the first organs to be affected. Cancer can develop here and influence how our body functions altogether. Simply managing your weight can be the best way to prevent any such issues.

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