How to Lose Weight Without Trying

by editor on April 24, 2016

how to lose weight without trying

We all know that fat loss can be done through strict planning, rigorous adherence to eating and exercising routines and by overhauling our lives to reflect more healthful living. However, the majority of us would rather be able to lose weight without trying because we know that massive change and effort is rarely something we can maintain over the long term.

Fortunately, there are great ways to lose weight without trying if only you know what you’re doing. While you’ll still need to put in a moderate amount of effort in eating right and exercising more if you really do want to lose weight and stop it from coming back, the good news is that these tips can make that process a heck of a lot easier.

Use the following to lose weight without trying and stop it from reappearing:

Go ahead and play video games – a study published in the Appetite journal revealed that playing video games actually decreases the intensity and frequency of food cravings when compared to simply trying to tough it out. The games distract you from thinking about that piece of birthday cake calling out to you from the office break room.

Keep the right foods handy – also published in the Appetite journal was a study that showed that people who know they’re lazy – especially at snack time – and who prepare for that are the ones who are most likely to succeed with their weight loss. Make the best snacks and meals the ones that are the easiest for you to eat and you’ll always choose them first. If you always freeze extra portions of great meals you make, make enough for lunch the next day and have healthful snacks ready so they’re already there when snack time rolls around. There won’t be any reason to fall back on fatty or sugary snacks or packaged meals.

Make water your go-to drink – when you’re at home, at work, at a friend’s place, at a restaurant, drink water. Make it a normal part of your life. It may feel odd at first but it doesn’t actually take very long to simply choose water for every beverage. You’ll very easily slash a ton of calories from your diet in this way every day.

Sit down and enjoy your meals – don’t eat on the go or standing up. Instead, sit down at the table (not the TV) and pay attention to what you’re eating. Take your time to taste and experience your foods. Not only will this encourage you to pay more attention to what you’re eating (because you won’t want to experience unpleasant tasting meals) but you’ll naturally eat less because you’ll be satisfied sooner.

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