How to Lose Weight While Sleeping

by editor on March 12, 2016

can you lose weight while sleeping

For most of us, the dream would be if it were possible to lose weight while sleeping instead of having to go to all the effort of trying to make it through a strenuous workout every day while eating only low cal foods that simply don’t feel satisfying. The funny thing is, one of the reasons that so many people struggle to drop the pounds is that they don’t realize what an important role sleep actually plays in the process.

While it’s true that it’s not possible to simply go to sleep one night and wake up twenty pounds lighter, you can actually lose weight while sleeping if you use the right techniques. It is all a part of your overall effort, which includes healthful eating and fitness appropriate exercising.

One study after the next has shown that getting a good night of sleep makes it easier to eat right, to complete workouts at the best of your ability and to simply burn more calories because the body is running at a more efficient rate, overall. Therefore, you can lose weight while sleeping by helping yourself to achieve the right number of hours per night. For most people, that means eight hours, keeping in mind that oversleeping can be just as detrimental to weight loss as not getting enough rest.

Use the following tips to give you an additional advantage:

  • Eat foods containing tryptophan – This amino acid is found in most meats, but is especially high in turkey. Lamb also contains it, as does chicken. A few ounces of turkey in the evening can give you a boost in tryptophan which has considerable sleep-inducing benefits. Since turkey is also a lean meat, you can have a great tasting, satisfying, diet friendly meal, while helping you to sleep at the same time.
  • Turn down the temperature at night – Keeping your bedroom at a cooler temperature can help to give your body the ability to burn through belly fat more effectively. Sleeping in a notably cooler environment can have a considerable impact on your body’s belly fat burning rate.
  • Have a peppermint tea in the evening – Peppermint is a great beverage, particularly in the evening. It helps to curb the appetite, it helps to soothe the body and it can help to ease you to sleep. While it may seem as though it’s invigorating, its effects are actually more refreshing, allowing you to lose the stress and shed the hunger in exchange for a good night of sleep.

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