How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

by editor on November 6, 2015

how much exercise do you need

Most adults seeking to lose weight have read the healthy tips and recommendations that if they want to get fit, they need to eat right and exercise vigorously. Often, reading these recommendations of how much exercise is needed depresses you before you start moving and instead you find yourself plopped down on a comfy sofa watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones or the highly anticipated Thursday Night Football game.

The answer to how much exercise you need doesn’t have to deflate your motivation. If you are reading this article, chances are you are currently getting little to no exercise at all, so we will tailor our message to you. How much exercise do you need? Here is an answer we hope will get you moving before you have finished reading this post: Just a little more!

Get Started
Does squeezing in an hour for daily gym session seem like an impossible mountain to climb? If so, perhaps it’s time to slice down the mountain in strips. If you are getting no exercise, even 10 minutes a day will improve your health. At your stage, this is all the exercise you need. There are studies demonstrating the benefits of short bouts of exercise. In 2006, research which appeared in the American Journal of Sports Medicine concluded a short after-dinner walk reduced fat and triglyceride levels in your blood more efficiently than a long workout performed during the day.

Short but Frequent
If you have more motivation than just going out for a 10-minute walk after dinner, you can try scheduling frequent exercise sessions of 10 minutes throughout your day. Another study conducted in 2006 and published in Preventive Medicine, found several six-minute workout sessions assisted inactive adults achieve similar results as those adults who participated in 30-minute exercise sessions.

Fitness professionals are a little more stringent than the research as most feel you need to continuously repeat a movement for at least 10 minutes to witness health benefits. Either way, 6 minutes or 10 minutes is an easy motivator to get moving. Yet, we don’t want you to confuse the message. More exercise is better, but if you are getting none at all, even short sessions are an excellent start.

How Much Do You Really Need?
To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to exercise three to five times a week for approximately 30 minutes, based on recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine. If you break it down, you need three to five sessions of 6 to 10 minutes per day. Adults undertaking three 10-minute sessions may find exercising more gratifying since endorphin (a pain reducing and mood boosting hormone) starts being released in your body after about five to seven minutes of exercise.

Adapt to Your Personality
Although short bouts of exercise seem easy to fit into your schedule, some people may find it’s easy to skip them with the intention of making it up at the next scheduled session. If this is how your brain works, counter strategize appropriately. For you, it might be better to schedule a 30-minute early-morning or late-night workout. Figure out what motivates you the best and adapt your exercise routine to your personality to get the best results.

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