Diet Pills and Alcohol

by editor on February 20, 2014

Combining Diet Pills and Alcohol

We don’t have to tell you how dangerous pills and alcohol are. But, there is a very dangerous combination of diet pills and alcohol. When people think dangerous pill and alcohol combinations, they typically think of a sleeping pill and booze kinda thing. But, there is much to know about the diet pills and alcohol combination simply because of the way people view diet pills.

What is the big deal about diet pills anyway?

Diet pills are one of the most misunderstood pills in the bunch. This is because they are grouped in the supplement category with most people. So naturally everyone thinks that they can eat or drink what they want–sort of like taking a vitamin supplement.

Side effects of diet pills and alcohol:

Basically, what happens with diet pills and alcohol is it will mess with the effects of the diet pill. If the diet pill consists of stimulants then it may cause some serious interactions. These are side effects like dizziness, rapid heart rate, depression and a difficulty in concentration. You can also have more dangerous side effects like low blood pressure, drowsiness as well as depression and other mood changes.

Diet pills and alcohol–when is it safe?

Well for a lot of us, it’s nice to have a couple at a happy hour and some who do so are on diet pills. Some will feel the effects of the interaction right away and for some it takes longer to kick in. It is a metabolic situation which makes it very individual. However, there are ways to still take your diet pills and drink moderately.

Tips to keeping it safe to mix diet pills and alcohol:

You can do it starting from the diet pill itself. You can’t do this with a prescription diet pill. You have to choose a pill that is more natural but also without even a natural stimulant. This way there is nothing for the pill to interact with. The only thing you would have to sabotage the diet is the calories in the alcohol. The other way you can do it is to drink in moderation at least 4 hours after taking the diet pill and have no more than two to three drinks maximum.

The key is to know your product and know what is in it. Know the timing of what you are taking and make sure you eat. It doesn’t have to be a bummer to drink and take diet pills.

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